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Epsxe compatibility list

epsxe compatibility list

ePSXe Compatibility List! posted in Misc. News by outsider on Aug 22nd, Wormie writes us: I just wanted to let everyone know that I have reopened. There is a site with a compatibility list for the Bleem Killer ePSXe (and if you didn't know, ePSXe is currently the best freeware Playstation. say, where could i find games' compatibility list for ePSXe? i don't want to go out and buy a game and then found it couldn't work on ePSXe. oh. Works perfect - DX SHACHOU GAME: Works perfect - LODE RUNNER: Works prfect - KOROKORO POST NIN: Works perfect - DANCE EUROPE: Works perfect - DISNEY'S THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE:

Epsxe compatibility list - dein Seitensprung

Works perfect - ACTUA POOL: Microsoft Windows , Linux , Android. Thu Dec 20, 5: If you want to support the ePSXe development please buy the Android port in the Google Play Market. Works perfect - JANG JANG KOI SHIMASHOW - LOVELY POP 2 IN 1: ANPANMAN 2 - ANPANMAN TO DAIBOUKEN!: Works perfect - DANGAN: Improved multitap andd added autofire support. Game will broke if you press triangle button so is better to use Xebra for this one. Heart of Darkness Almost Perfect Use the Eternal SPU plugin. Works perfect - COOL BOARDERS 3: Ad blocker interference detected! Works perfect - FINAL FANTASY 8: Works perfect - BUGGY: Works perfect only need to use software plugin in some scenes with vertical lines pressing f7 or play using software - KRAZY IVAN: Works perfect - ALICE IN CYBERLAN Screen flickers during battles in epsxev but game is playable, for perfect emulation use xebra. Works perfect - FORMULA CIRCUS: Using Pete's OpenGL plugin gives corret speed but poorer graphics. Works perfect - CULDCEPT EXPANSION: Pete Bernert Card vendor: Works perfect - COSMIC RACE: Works perfect - IDE YOHSUKE NO MAHJONG KAZOKU: Works perfect - LEMMINGS 3 Works perfect - LES VISITEURS - LA RELIQUE DE SAINTE ROLANDE:

Epsxe compatibility list Video

How to cheat on ePSXe - Tutorial Works perfect - GEX 2 ENTER THE GECKO: Fri Dec 21, 1: Works perfect - ETERNAL EYES: Works perfect - FLAMBERGE NO SEIREI: Works perfect - BLASTO:

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